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Safety Buckle

Material: Stainless steel

Process: Stamping

Finish: Cleaning

About Safety Buckle

Metal safety buckle can provide a reliable fixing and fastening solution to protect the safety and stability of items. Whether for outdoor sports, industrial applications or personal use, metal carabiners provide convenience and ease of use while keeping items secure.

Specification of Safety Buckle


Metal, typically steel or zinc alloy

Surface treatment

Electroplating with nickel or chrome for corrosion resistance


High strength, typically with a minimum breaking load of 10 kN


Varies depending on buckle size and application


Varies depending on buckle size and material choice


Corrosion-resistant, able to withstand repeated use and impact


Must meet relevant safety standards such as ANSI or CE


Must be compatible with corresponding strap or webbing


Easy to use with one hand, while also secure and reliable

Note: The specifications of metal parts of a safety buckle may vary depending on the specific application and manufacturer.

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