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Fasten Clip

Fasten Clip

Fasten Clip, a premium precision-engineered hardware solution for all your fastening needs. This versatile, compact clip offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring secure connections in a variety of applications. Its sleek design and corrosion-resistant materials make Fasten Clip the ultimate choice for both style and function. Experience unparalleled reliability with Fasten Clip, where innovation meets performance.

Types of Fasten Clip

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Application of Fasten Clip

Application of Fasten Clip

Automotive Industry: Fasten clips are used for securing interior and exterior trim components, such as panels, door trims, and dashboard parts.

Electronics Industry: Fasten clips are utilized in the assembly of electronic devices and equipment, securing components like PCBs, connectors, and cables.

Furniture Manufacturing: Fasten clips are employed to join furniture components, ensuring secure and stable assembly.

Packaging Industry: Fasten clips are used to secure packaging materials, such as boxes, bags, and cartons, providing reliable closure and sealing.

Construction Industry: Fasten clips find application in construction for securing building materials, such as insulation, roofing sheets, and wall panels.

Aerospace Industry: Fasten clips are utilized in aircraft manufacturing for fastening interior components, electrical wiring, and equipment.

Specification of Fasten Clip


Iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, galvanized steel, titanium, Aluminium, etc.

Surface treatment

Zinc/Nickel/Tin/Ag-Plated/Au-Plated, etc.


High-Precision nonstandard parts (OEM Service)


Stamping/Punching/Pressing, CNC machining/Turning/Milling, Deep Drawing and other process.


IATF16949 2016; I SO9001 2015; ISO14001:2015; RoHS&REACH, etc.


Automotive/ Car Thermostat, Switch, Electric Heating, Aerospace, New energy, etc.

The Role of Metal Fasten Clip

Metal fasten clips, play a crucial role in various industries and applications. These clips are designed to securely hold or fasten objects together, ensuring that the objects or materials remain in place even under significant loads or vibrations.

Metal fasten clips are essential components in industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, furniture, and packaging. Their reliable fastening capabilities, ease of use, and versatility make them indispensable for securing, assembling, and positioning objects in numerous applications.

Screw Clips For Sheet Metal

Screw clips for sheet metal, commonly known as sheet metal clips or fasteners, are specialized hardware components designed for securing metal sheets together. These clips play a crucial role in fastening or joining metal panels, providing a reliable and durable connection. The design typically involves a screw or threaded fastener integrated with a metal clip, allowing for easy installation and removal.

Screw Clips For Sheet Metal

These clips are widely used in various industries, including automotive, construction, and electronics, where metal sheets need to be securely attached. The versatility of screw clips for sheet metal makes them an essential component in assembly processes, enabling efficient and robust connections without the need for welding or other complex methods.

Screw Clips For Sheet Metal

Key features of screw clips for sheet metal include their ease of use, resistance to vibration and loosening, and compatibility with different thicknesses of metal sheets. The choice of materials and coatings also ensures corrosion resistance, enhancing the longevity of the fastening solution.

screw clips for sheet metal offer a convenient and effective means of fastening metal sheets, contributing to the structural integrity and stability of various products and structures.

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