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HHC Laboratory

  • We have our own quality control laboratory which have inspection facilities with high configuration such as Spectro Material Tester imported from Germany, Hardness Tester, Surface Roughness, Tension Gauge, 2D Measuring Projector, 3DCMM, Coating Thickness Tester, Solder Machine and High-temperature Furnace and Salt Spray Tester, etc.

  • We focus on details and quality in every producing step from raw material testing to quality control and cooperate with superior raw material suppliers tested by our own lab.

  • We have 200+ professional staff includes engineers, operators, business specialists and quality inspectors, they control all over our products which qualified by ROHS, REACH.

china precision components

Spectro Material Tester

  • Determining material composition

  • Quality control, material identification, and verification to determine if the material meets the requirements.

raw material chemical composition spectrograph

2D Measuring Projector

  • Measure dimensions such as sample length, width, diameter, angles, etc.

  • Check if the shape and contour of the sample comply with CAD file standards.

  • Inspect surface defects of the sample, such as depressions, protrusions, scratches, etc.

  • Perform high-precision optical measurements.

High-Temperature Tester

  • Simulate the heat resistance, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, thermal stability, and other properties of materials under high-temperature environments.

  • Evaluate the reliability and stability of functional components in high-temperature environments.

  • Experimentally compare performance under high-temperature conditions to optimize material design and process improvement.

  • Meet strict performance and safety requirements for materials and functional components under high-temperature conditions.

2D measuring projector and high-temperature tester


  • High-precision three-dimensional dimension measurement.

  • Measurement of complex three-dimensional shapes such as curved surfaces, curves, and apertures.

  • Measurement of position and relative relationships such as geometric center, hole positioning, and fit between parts.


X-Ray Coating Thickness Tester X

  • Measurement of coating thickness and uniformity.

  • Detection of surface corrosion and wear.

  • X-ray spectroscopy helps determine the type of coating material.

X-ray coating thickness tester

Salt Fog Machine

  • Test the corrosion resistance performance of materials, coatings, or surface treatments.

  • Compare the differences in corrosion resistance between materials and coatings.

  • Assist in the research and improvement of materials/coatings.

salt fog machine

High-speed Auto full-inspection

  • High-precision full-size measurement.

  • Efficient real-time quality feedback.

  • Data analysis and traceability guiding production.

auto full inspection


  • Sample hardness testing.

  • Comparison of hardness between different materials and samples.

  • Quality control and inspection of sample hardness.

  • Researching the correlation between hardness and other properties such as strength and wear resistance.

High and low temperature and humidity test

  • Simulate extreme temperature and humidity environments to assess the durability of materials and products under different temperature and humidity conditions.

  • Detect performance changes, failure rates, and potential reliability issues of products under different temperature and humidity conditions, and make improvements.

Testing equipment