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Other Stamping Parts

Other Stamping Parts

Other stamping parts encompass a wide range of materials and applications beyond aluminium stamping, stainless steel stamping, brass stamping, copper stamping and carbon steel stamping. These components can be fabricated from materials such as zinc, magnesium, and titanium, or even specialized alloys, depending on specific requirements. Employing advanced metal stamping techniques and machinery, OEM stamping manufacturer can create intricate shapes and designs to meet the demands of various industries, including aerospace, electronics, medical, and defense. By offering tailored properties like corrosion resistance, heat dissipation, and lightweight strength, these stamping parts play a crucial role in developing innovative solutions and maintaining high-quality performance standards across multiple applications.

Types of Other Stamping Parts

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Customization of Stamping Parts

Customization of Stamping Parts

Customization of other stamping parts involves material selection, part design, and manufacturing techniques tailored to unique project requirements. By partnering with experienced manufacturers, clients can achieve precise specifications, optimize performance, and address specific application needs across various industries and projects.

What is Precision Metal Stamping?

Compared to ordinary metal stamping, precision stamping requires much stricter conditions.

The precision stamping dies must be designed very precisely, often requiring precise surface hardening treatment. The dies must have good wear resistance and durability to ensure long-term stable production.


The surface quality requirements for precision stamped materials are very high. The material proportions must be correct and consistent, and the surface typically needs to be smooth, scratch-free, and flawless. For sheet metal, strip, or coil raw materials, the material width must be within the specified tolerance range. Common materials used for precision stamping include stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and so on.

For precision metal stamping, good die design and manufacturing, as well as strict control of material quality, are essential to ensure consistent product quality in large-scale production.

Benefits of Using Stamping Parts

Benefits of using other stamping parts include material versatility, tailored properties, and application-specific designs. These components enable innovations across various industries, addressing unique requirements with optimized performance, durability, and cost-effective production, ensuring the success of diverse projects.

Precision Metal Stamping Process

Precision metal stamping is a cold forming method, and it consists of nine processing operations:

Extrusion: The blank is placed in the mold cavity, and pressure is applied to extrude it from the mold gap to form hollow or solid parts.


Curling: The end of the sheet metal is rolled into a nearly closed round head, typically used for processing parts similar to hinges.

Drawing: The sheet metal is pressed into hollow parts of any shape using a die, or further deformed for hollow parts.

Bending: The sheet metal is bent into parts with a certain angle using a die, or re-bent for pre-bent parts.


Flanging: Holes or outer edges of the sheet metal are turned into straight walls using a die.

Bulging: Radial force is applied to the hollow part by a die to expand the local diameter.

Necking: Radial pressure is applied to the mouth of the hollow part by a die from the outside to the inside, reducing the local diameter.

Expanding: Deformation method that enlarges the radial dimension of a hollow or tubular blank at a certain location.

Trimming: Flattening the uneven surface of the workpiece; pressing the already bent or drawn workpiece into the correct shape.


Equipment used for stamping includes manual presses, mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, pneumatic presses, high-speed mechanical presses, CNC presses, and precision presses.

Applications of Precision Metal Stamping Parts 

Precision stamped components are widely used across various industries, and HHC's involvement extends to, but is not limited to, the following sectors:

Automotive Industry: Precision stamped components are used in the manufacturing of various parts in automobiles including body structures, seats, engines, suspension systems, and transmission systems.


Electronics Industry: Precision stamped components are utilized for manufacturing enclosures, connectors, heat sinks, and conductive components in electronic products.


Electrical Industry: Precision stamped components are employed in the production of terminals, terminal blocks, switches, and sockets for electrical equipment.


Telecommunications Industry: Precision stamped components are essential for manufacturing critical components such as antennas, connectors, and shielding enclosures in telecommunication equipment.


Medical Equipment: Precision stamped components are used in medical devices for manufacturing enclosures, instrument parts, catheters, and connectors.


New Energy Industry: Precision stamped components play a crucial role in sectors such as new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, and wind energy, used in manufacturing battery components, solar panels, and wind turbine parts.


Household Appliances: Precision stamped components are utilized in household appliances for manufacturing housings, buttons, switches, and motor parts.


Aerospace Industry: Precision stamped components are used in the aerospace sector for manufacturing aircraft structures, engine parts, and spacecraft components.

Custom Precision Metal Stamping Services  At HHC

Below are the service advantages we offer for custom precision metal stamping components:


Engineering Design Support: We have an experienced engineering team that can provide professional design support to help optimize product designs, enhance product performance, and reduce costs for our clients.

Customized Production: We can customize precision metal stamping components according to specific customer requirements, including dimensions, shapes, materials, surface treatments, etc., to meet individualized needs.

Advanced Production Equipment: We possess advanced stamping and machining equipment, including high-speed presses, CNC punch presses, precision presses, etc., enabling us to achieve efficient and high-precision production.

Strict Quality Control: We have established a comprehensive quality management system that covers all stages from raw material procurement to production process control and final product inspection. This ensures stable and reliable product quality.

Flexible Production Capacity: We have flexible production capabilities and can quickly adjust production according to customer order volumes to ensure timely delivery and meet customer demands.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service: We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including product usage guidance, technical support, and after-sales maintenance, to ensure that any issues encountered by customers during product use can be promptly addressed.

With these service advantages, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance custom precision metal stamping components, helping them enhance product innovation and competitiveness in the market.

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